Retiro Terminal in Buenos Aires

| Almost all long-distance bus travel from or to Buenos Aires is handled at the Terminal de Omnibus de Retiro close to the city center, and we refer to it as the main terminal. Here we tell you how to get there and describe some of its characteristics.


The Retiro terminal ( view map ) is easy to reach by subway, city bus or taxi. When staying at a hotel in the center and traveling light, you might even consider walking: from the 'Plaza San Martin' at the end of the ever popular 'Florida' street, it's only a ten-minute walk downhill. When taking a taxi, all drivers will know Retiro and the bus terminal. There are more than 30 city bus lines leading to Retiro, but choosing a suitable bus may require some experience or the help of a local. Taking the subway is simple and cheap, with the station 'Retiro' on line C at a five-minute walk from the terminal.

Retiro terminal A possible source of confusion is the fact that 'Retiro' is actually the name of the whole area and in particular 'Estación Retiro' also denotes the three train stations next to the bus terminal. You wouldn't be the first traveler getting out of the subway, following some promising sign and ending up in a train station with no buses in sight. Memorize our sketch and you will be fine.

Retiro terminal - Taxi area On your walk from the subway to the terminal you pass the train stations, shops and restaurants and many stops for city buses. Although the area is quite shabby and not really safe, most travelers feel okay on the short walk. However, when loaded with heavy or precious baggage, you might prefer to take a taxi over using the subway. In general, the taxis will drop you off in a dedicated area right at the back of the terminal.


Retiro terminal -  Entrance After walking up the ramp at the front side you will enter the building on its main level where all the buses leave and arrive at as many as 75 platforms, and where the waiting passengers can stroll along numerous small shops and restaurants. Below is a less busy floor where the bus companies accept parcels for shipment and where luggage can be stored in lockers.

The level above the main floor is important, since this is where the tickets are sold. The unsuspecting traveler will be overwhelmed by a total of about 200 ticket booths, only roughly sorted by regions of destinations. For more information look at our overview of all ticket offices in Retiro with contact details for each company.

In Argentina bus travel is the most popular way of traveling, and the terminal Retiro is the main hub of the bus system. Especially on weekends, the terminal Retiro is a lively place packed with people. Teba S.A., the corporation that operates the terminal, claims that on an average day there are 40000 visitors, with the total number of arriving and leaving buses varying between 1400 and 2000 per day.

Other terminals

There is a second bus terminal in Buenos Aires in the area of Liniers. It is significantly smaller than the one in Retiro, situated far away from the city center and not connected to the subway. Many buses will start in Retiro and then also stop in Liniers before leaving the city. In the unlikely case that Liniers is closer to where you are staying or when you can't find a suitable connection from Retiro, visit the webpage of Parada Liniers.

Outside the capital, all major towns like Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza have important bus terminals similar to the one in Retiro.