Retiro Terminal - Buses from Buenos Aires

Bus tickets are sold on the upper level of the terminal, where the companies operate many small offices that are numbered in ascending order. The offices are situated in the middle of a long floor and you can walk along on the left side for even numbers or on the right side for uneven numbers.

The location of the offices is roughly organized according to destinations, so that companies with services to the same region are grouped together. When you enter the building at its main entrance, you will first pass the ticket booths with low numbers (at the bottom of our table below). These are the offices for southern destinations, followed by offices for the Cuyo region and the Northwest. Roughly half-way down the floor are the boleterías selling bus tickets to central and northeastern destinations, and after that you will find offices for the atlantic coast. Finally, the ticket booths for international bus trips are located at the very end of the long row of offices.

The following table shows an overview of all ticket offices at the bus terminal in Retiro:

JC Internacional - Citta - TTL, Puma Bus206205La Yuteña, La Paraguaya Internacional
Pullman Gral. Belgrano204203JC Internacional - Citta - TTL
Buses Ahumada - Fenix Internacional202201NSA - Chevallier Paraguaya - Yacyreta
Cata Internacional200199Expreso Sur
CAUVI198197La Santaniana
Pullman del Sur196195Sol del Paraguay
Bus de la Carrera194193El Rapido Argentino - Grupo Plaza, Sol del Paraguay
192191Flecha Bus, Plaza, La Preferida Bus - Flecha Bus
190189NSA - Chevallier Paraguaya - Yacyreta
188187NSA - Chevallier Paraguaya - Yacyreta
Pluma Internacional186185Expreso Rio Parana, La Encarnacena
Expreso Internacional Ormeño184183Crucero del Norte, Expreso Brujula
El Rapido Internacional182181Nueva Godoy
Flecha Bus, (TAC)180179Crucero del Norte
Nueva Santa Fe178177Nueva Santa Fe
Crucero del Norte, Parque Costa Atlantica174173Crucero del Norte, Parque Costa Atlantica
El Condor - La Estrella172171El Condor - La Estrella
El Condor - La Estrella170169El Condor - La Estrella
Plusmar, Jetmar164163Plusmar, Jetmar
Plusmar, Jetmar162161Plusmar, Jetmar
Basa Costera Criolla160159Plusmar, Jetmar
Plus Ultra - Mercobus158157Plus Ultra - Mercobus
Micromar - Almirante Brown156155Micromar - Almirante Brown
Micromar - Almirante Brown154153Flecha Bus
Empresa Argentina152151Aguila Dorada Bis - Capital del Monte
Tony Tur150149Tony Tur
Flecha Bus146145Flecha Bus
Flecha Bus144143Flecha Bus
Flecha Bus142141Flecha Bus
Flecha Bus, Dominguez Viajes - Flecha Bus, La Preferida Bus - Flecha Bus140139El Cometa
Basa Costera Criolla138137Aguila Dorada Bis - Capital del Monte
Nuevo Expreso - Flecha Bus, E.T.A. - Kurtz136135Nuevo Expreso - Flecha Bus, Zenit
Nuevo Expreso - Flecha Bus134133Nuevo Expreso - Flecha Bus, Zenit
Rápido San José132131Rápido San José
Rápido San José130129Rápido San José
Rápido San José128127Rápido San José
Crucero del Norte, San Cristobal, Parque Costa Atlantica126125Crucero del Norte, San Cristobal, Parque Costa Atlantica
Via Bariloche124123Crucero del Norte, San Cristobal, Parque Costa Atlantica
Via Bariloche, Via TAC - Via Bariloche122121Via Bariloche, Via TAC - Via Bariloche
Empresa Rio Uruguay120119ERSA
Expreso Singer118117Expreso Singer
La Nueva Estrella116115La Nueva Estrella
Expreso Tigre Iguazu114113Empresa Puerto Tirol, ITATI
112111El Pulqui
110109El Norte Bis
108107Nuevo Expreso - Flecha Bus
106105Empresa Silvia
104103Plus Ultra - Mercobus
102101Micromar - Almirante Brown, Fredes Turismo
10099Nueva Godoy
Plaza, El Pulqui, Basa Costera Criolla, Vosa9897Plaza, El Pulqui, Basa Costera Criolla, Vosa
Plaza, El Pulqui, Basa Costera Criolla, Vosa9695Plaza, El Pulqui, Basa Costera Criolla, Vosa
El Pulqui, Almirante Brown, Micromar - Almirante Brown, Potosi9493El Pulqui, Almirante Brown, Micromar - Almirante Brown, Potosi
Andesmar9089Sierras Cordobesas
El Turista8887Autotransportes San Juan Mar del Plata
Betel8685Expreso del Oeste
Empresa Argentina8483Empresa Argentina
Pullman Gral. Belgrano8281Pullman Gral. Belgrano
Pullman Gral. Belgrano8079Pullman Gral. Belgrano
Rutamar - El Rosarino - El Mendocino7877Rutamar - El Rosarino - El Mendocino
El Practico7675Rutamar - El Rosarino - El Mendocino
Monticas7473Nueva Chevallier
Nueva Chevallier7271Nueva Chevallier
Nueva Chevallier7069Nueva Chevallier
Nueva Chevallier6867Nueva Chevallier
General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba6665General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba
General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba6463General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba
General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba6261General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba
General Urquiza - Sierras de Cordoba6059Flecha Bus, Morteros
Almirante Brown, Micromar - Almirante Brown, Valle de Calamuchita, Potosi5857La Veloz del Norte - Leal Bus
Flecha Bus5655Almirante Brown, Potosi
Vosa, Transfer Line, Autobuses Quirquincho - Vosa5453Balut
San Cristobal5251La Veloz del Norte - Leal Bus
Flecha Bus, (Salles)5049La Veloz del Norte - Leal Bus
Empresa Gutierrez4847Central Argentino
La Veloz del Norte - Leal Bus, El Santiagueño4645Tramat - Andesmar
La Union LTDA4443Andesmar
Autotransportes San Juan4241Autotransportes San Juan
Autotransportes San Juan4039Autotransportes San Juan
Flecha Bus3837Flecha Bus
Flecha Bus, La Preferida Bus - Flecha Bus3635Viajes Sendas, 20 de Junio, La Union SRL
Albus, Ruta Patagonia3433El Pinguino, El Rapido Internacional
Ko-Ko, Expreso Que Bus3231Cata Internacional
Expreso Tigre Iguazu, El Valle - Via Bariloche3029Don Otto - Patagonica - Via Bariloche, Ñandú del Sur
2625Dumas Cat
2423Plusmar, Jetmar
2221El Valle - Via Bariloche
Río Paraná2019Río Paraná
Via Bariloche, Ceferino, Pehuenche1817Expreso Alberino
El Condor - La Estrella1211Dumas Cat
El Condor - La Estrella109El Condor - La Estrella
El Condor - La Estrella87El Condor - La Estrella
65Chevallier Costera Metropolitana
43El Rapido Argentino - Grupo Plaza
21El Rapido Argentino - Grupo Plaza

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