About Us

Omnilineas is a licensed travel agency in Buenos Aires with a special focus on incoming tourism and bus travel. What tells us apart from other agencies is our commitment to provide a reliable information system for bus travel that is freely accessible on the internet.

Our aim is to improve market transparency and to offer the necessary information for anyone who is planning a bus journey in Argentina. We offer an online booking service that enables secure payments per credit card for travelers who would like to book their bus trip in advance.

Our License

All travel agencies in Argentina are legally required to obtain a license from the national tourism authority, the Ministerio de Turismo. The license assures that a suitable infrastructure exists and that the agency meets the legal and fiscal obligations of doing business in Argentina. All agencies are subject to regular inspections by the national tourism authority.

The details of our license are

Designación comercial: Omnilineas
Categoría: E.V.T. (Empresa de Viajes y Turismo)
Disposición: 0570/1476
Legajo: 13574

For validation you can view our certificate, which is provided by the Ministerio de Turismo.


Omnilineas is a member of Aviabue, the association of travel agencies in Buenos Aires (Asociación de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo de Buenos Aires), and of Faevyt (Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Empresas de Viajes y Turismo).