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Bus routes in Mendoza

In order to search for bus lines in Mendoza please click on the map and select the desired point of origin and destination. It is also possible to enter an address instead of using the map. The search result will show a list of bus lines in Mendoza which connect the selected points.

More detailed instructions are available for bus lines in Buenos Aires.

Bus lines of the city of Mendoza:

G01-110 G01-120 G01-121 G01-130 G01-140 G02-200 G02-201 G02-202 G02-203 G02-204 G02-221 G02-230 G02-232 G02-240 G02-241 G02-250 G02-251 G02-260 G02-261 G02-270 G02-271 G02-280 G02-281 G02-282 G02-283 G02-284 G02-285 G02-286 G02-287 G02-288 G02-289 G02-290 G02-291 G03-300 G03-301 G03-310 G03-311 G03-312 G03-313 G03-314 G03-330 G03-331 G03-350 G03-352 G03-353 G03-370 G03-371 G03-372 G03-390 G03-391 G04-400 G04-401 G04-420 G04-421 G04-422 G04-440 G04-441 G04-442 G04-443 G04-461 G04-462 G04-463 G04-464 G04-465 G04-466 G04-467 G05-520 G05-521 G05-522 G05-523 G05-530 G05-531 G05-532 G05-533 G05-534 G05-540 G05-541 G05-542 G05-543 G05-544 G05-546 G05-547 G05-548 G05-550 G05-551 G05-552 G05-553 G05-554 G05-560 G05-561 G05-570 G05-590 G05-591 G06-600 G06-605 G06-606 G06-607 G06-608 G06-609 G06-610 G06-611 G06-620 G06-625 G06-630 G06-635 G06-640 G06-645 G06-650 G06-651 G06-655 G06-660 G06-665 G06-670 G06-675 G06-680 G06-698 G06-699 G07-700 G07-710 G07-720 G07-721 G07-730 G07-731 G07-732 G07-733 G07-740 G07-750 G07-751 G07-752 G07-753 G07-754 G07-760 G07-761 G07-762 G07-763 G07-764 G07-770 G07-771 G07-772 G07-773 G07-780 G07-781 G07-782 G07-783 G07-790 G07-791 G07-792 G07-793 G07-794 G08-801 G08-802 G08-810 G08-811 G08-814 G08-820 G08-821 G08-822 G08-830 G08-840 G08-850 G08-851 G08-852 G08-853 G08-854 G08-855 G08-856 G08-860 G08-861 G08-863 G08-864 G08-865 G08-866 G08-867 G08-870 G08-871 G08-872 G08-880 G08-881 G08-890 G08-891 G08-892 G08-893 G09-900 G09-905 G09-910 G09-935 G09-940 G09-950 G09-951

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